SOL Origin Pocket Survival Tool Box w/ Core Lite Knife, Fire Lite, Survival Essentials 0140-0828

SOL Origin Pocket Survival Tool Box w/ Core Lite Knife, Fire Lite, Survival Essentials 0140-0828

SOL Origin Survival Pocket Kit redefines the meaning of a survival kit. Everything you need in a ...

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Covert Loader Gadget Pack System

Covert Loader Gadget Pack System

Carry gear without using a belt and easily reach your items in confined spaces, such as vehicle/a...

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Gadget Holster

Gadget Holster

T-Shirts & Apparel Unisex Shirts Generic Geek Pop Cult...

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Apocalypse Kit by Gerber

Apocalypse Kit by Gerber

What if it happens? What if our worst fears are realized? If the Dead walk, the continuation of t...

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On The Edge 900108 2 Stroke Gas Powered Party Blender : : Automotive

On The Edge 900108 2 Stroke Gas Powered Party Blender : : Automotive

When you are as serious about your margaritas as we are, you'll need the Edge Gas Powered Blender...

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Custom Made Star Wars Guitars

Custom Made Star Wars Guitars

The 64-year-old spends up to three months creating his masterpieces using bits of scrap bought fr...

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Nixie Tube Thermometer Kit, Some Assembly Required

Nixie Tube Thermometer Kit, Some Assembly Required

This kit does not contain anything edible. Seriously, don't eat any of this stuff, it will probab...

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GRILLBOT – THE AUTOMATIC GRILL CLEANING ROBOT Grillbot is the easy-to-use, fun-to-watch, fully a...

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Thermal zip tie, a briliant idea!

Thermal zip tie, a briliant idea!

Currently up for voting on, this guy is trying to get the backing to develop something...

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Death Star Trench Toss

Death Star Trench Toss

Everything that has transpired has done so according to our design. We wanted the perfect outdoor...

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New Stuff

  • i.Sound Portable Power Max

    i.Sound Portable Power Max

    Anyone who's ever had the battery die in their cell phone, MP3 player, camera, or other electroni...

  • Neverending Story eReader Cover

    Neverending Story eReader Cover

    Have you always wanted to own a copy of The Neverending Story? Now you can! Modern digital book r...

  • Ancient Kauri Dice

    Ancient Kauri Dice

    What could be cooler than a set of dice made from the world’s oldest workable wood? I mean beside...

  • Fuel: The world's smallest cell phone charger by Devotec Industries

    Fuel: The world's smallest cell phone charger by Devotec Industries

    A keyring sized charger that can power up your cell phone for extra talk time whenever you need. ...

  • Tactical Seat Covers

    Tactical Seat Covers

    A great set of replacement seat covers improve your interior's appearance and protect your factor...

  • Personal Pie Factory

    Personal Pie Factory

    It is our humble opinion that, despite the wonders of donuts, and the sublime simplicity of cupca...

  • Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser

    Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser

    It's no secret that Darth Vader has anger issues. He's quick with the barking of orders and the Force choking. He rules by intimidation, which works... okay. We wonder, though, if Vader could take a page from a leader who had the admiration and...

  • Brandy Pipe

    Brandy Pipe

    Sip on your scissor fine brandy with this clever brandy drinking pipe. Featuring a unique design that enhances the flavor of your liquor along with a built in straw, the brandy pipe is the classiest way for a fine gentleman to get his drink on.

  • Suitcase Speakerbox

    Suitcase Speakerbox

    Showcase your musical prowess with style and class when you tote around the suitcase speakerbox. This leather bound rarity carries a vintage style that blends in seamlessly with the 21st century technology like the embedded 50W class D power...

  • Zelda Hylian Shield

    Zelda Hylian Shield

    Defending Hyrule is no easy task – but now with the durable Hylian shield you’ll be able to fight off Ganon’s minions and save Zelda. Authentically decorated, the shield can either be hung on display or worn as the coolest...

  • Massive Cosplay Sword

    Massive Cosplay Sword

    Stop dressing up as a sissy elf healer at the next convention when instead you can go as a bad-ass warrior wielding this massive cosplay sword. This formidable weapon measures five feet in total length with a formidable 45″ blade, complete...

  • Star Trek Spock Socks

    Star Trek Spock Socks

    You don’t have to be a half Vulcan/human breed to enjoy the incredible comfort of the Star Trek Spock socks. These fashionable blue socks were designed to resemble the noted science officer and include the famous golden logo and those...

  • Silicone Demon Masks

    Silicone Demon Masks

    Scare the living daylights out of friends by transforming yourself with these silicone demon masks. These professional grade demonic masks feature amazing detailing, an elaborate paint job, and a custom fit guaranteed to make you the victor at...

  • Corvette Desk

    Corvette Desk

    Now you can increase your productivity from 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds when you use the Corvette desk to complete your work assignments. This devilishly sexy desk features a handmade design and paint job detailed enough to rival an actual...

  • Giant Soccer Ball

    Giant Soccer Ball

    Score the most amazing goal of your life when playing a match with the giant soccer ball. Perfect for matching your larger than life game, this over-sized soccer ball will test your skills with every play in addition to providing humor and levity...

  • Eye Of Sauron Lollipops

    Eye Of Sauron Lollipops

    You don’t have to be from Mordor, or even a LOTR fan to enjoy the delicious Eye of Sauron lollipops. These custom made treats feature an all-knowing, captivating eye design encased in dark sugar and covered with a clear coating that places...

  • Armored Pangolin Backpack

    Armored Pangolin Backpack

    The armored pangolin backpack offers a truly eye-catching way of lugging around your personal belongings. Made from recycled inner tubes, this unique backpack features a comfortable ergonomic design that provides an incredible 13 liters of...

  • Color Changing Grip Tape

    Color Changing Grip Tape

    The color changing skateboard grip tape will give your skating the flare it’s been missing without having to master any new and difficult tricks. This visually stimulating grip tape is waterproof and changes hue depending on the intensity...

  • Michael Jordan MacBook Sticker

    Michael Jordan MacBook Sticker

    Sit back and enjoy as His Airness prepares to dunk an basketball apple with the Michael Jordan MacBook Sticker. Great for basketball fans of every age, this quality vinyl decal adheres easily and will make your already trendy MacBook that much...

  • Crime Scene Beach Towel

    Crime Scene Beach Towel

    Add a little grim urban macabre to your beach day with the crime scene beach towel. The crime scene beach towel features a body outline, much like you would see at the scene of a homicide. Stretch out and relax — just don’t get left for dead.

  • NES Cartridge Blow Me Poster

    NES Cartridge Blow Me Poster

    The ‘Blow Me’ Poster will have you reminiscing of the days where games required a little pregame warm up before getting into the real fun stuff. The poster displays the classic NES Cartridge in all it’s 8-Bit glory in addition...

  • Wind Up Paper Shredder

    Wind Up Paper Shredder

    Incriminating evidence will become a thing of the past once you begin carrying around the wind up paper shredder. With a few quick turns of the trusty knob, this handy pocket sized shredder permanently erases all traces of whatever document you...

  • Bat Signal Keychain Light

    Bat Signal Keychain Light

    Feel just like Commissioner Gordon – minus the burly mustache – every time you take out the bat signal keychain light. This portable bat signal comes encased in a sleek case even Bruce Wayne would approve of and works faster than...

  • I’m Fine Bloody Shirt

    I’m Fine Bloody Shirt

    You’re tough and you know it, now let the rest of the world know it too every time you sport the ‘I’m Fine’ bloody shirt. Even after the freak accident left you with an enormous blood-drenched gash over your right kidney...

  • Remote Control Pac-Man Racers

    Remote Control Pac-Man Racers

    Waka waka all over the floor as you transform your living room into a real life arcade game with the remote control Pac-Man racers. These fun and nostalgic racers let you control either Pac-Man or his ghost foe with some retro styled joystick...

  • Gold Keyboard Button

    Gold Keyboard Button

    Add some luxuriousness to your lackluster P/C with the gold keyboard button. This blinged out key is crafted from real gold-plated silver and appropriately replaces the ‘$’ button. After all, if society places the almighty dollar...

  • Bumper Car Steering Wheel

    Bumper Car Steering Wheel

    Jump behind the drivers seat and experience the most thrilling and interactive race of your gaming career when driving with the bumper car steering wheel. This refurbished and pimped out car integrates high-tech specs into the retro frame in...

  • Shirt Tie Napkins

    Shirt Tie Napkins

    Never attend a business dinner without a shirt tie napkin handy. Even if you order yourself the messiest of meals, the power tie like design printed on these novelty napkins will ensure you never stop looking dapper and professional even while...

  • Star Wars Baby Crib Mobile

    Star Wars Baby Crib Mobile

    Introduce your newborn to the greatest trilogy ever made with the Star Wars baby crib mobile. Featuring miniature aircraft like the X-Wing and Millennium Falcon, your baby will be transported to a galaxy so far, far away that they might actually...

  • Full Body Sweater

    Full Body Sweater

    Isolate yourself from the real world and stay warm and toasty all at the same time with this innovative full body sweater. This sweater’s captivating design is ideal for providing you the privacy you desire while keeping you warm from head...

  • Deer Antler Bicycle Handlebars

    Deer Antler Bicycle Handlebars

    Let your inner hipster urban cowboy shine through when your ride around town with the deer antler bicycle handlebars. With these handmade creations you’ll ride comfortable as well as look cooler than the guy riding around in the penny-farthing.

  • USB Rocket Launcher

    USB Rocket Launcher

    Command the deadliest artillery in the entire cubicle block when you equip your workstation with the USB rocket launcher. Next time your boss approaches you, this entertaining high-tech gadget will make him think twice about asking for those...

  • Exposed Muscles Cycling Suit

    Exposed Muscles Cycling Suit

    Don’t just commit to good health, use the exposed muscles cycling suit to literally embody the idea. This eye-catching cycling suit displays all the major muscles of the human body and allows you to look absolutely ripped even before...

  • Hidden Storage Belt

    Hidden Storage Belt

    Stop carrying around an extra decoy wallet in your back pocket to fool muggers – now you can hide your valuables in plain sight and muggers will never have a clue that the jackpot is actually stored inside your stylish smuggler like belt...

  • Rubber Band Shotgun

    Rubber Band Shotgun

    Become the deadliest marksman of the entire cubicle block when you wield the rubber band shotgun. This easy to assemble toy shotgun is capable of storing up to ten rubber bands and offers three distinct shooting modes for perfecting your skills...

  • Towing Hitch Stripper Pole

    Towing Hitch Stripper Pole

    With the towing hitch stripper pole you can cut out the middle man and become a true street performer of the captivating dancing of laps. Simply hook up this professional grade stripper pole to your truck or SUV, and put on a raincoat because...

  • Hardware Chess Set

    Hardware Chess Set

    No gift will satisfy the intellectual handyman quite like the hardware chess set. This custom set features creatively designed pieces made entirely out of various nuts and bolts, all anxiously waiting to strategically fight on the custom painted...

  • Copy And Paste Twin Shirts

    Copy And Paste Twin Shirts

    For geeky parents of twins, nothing will look better adorned on your offspring then these copy and paste twin shirts. These clever shirts will let the whole world know that your twin pregnancy was simply an accidental miss-click of pressing...

  • Assault Rifle Glass Smoking Pipe

    Assault Rifle Glass Smoking Pipe

    Puff puff blast. This assault rifle glass smoking pipe is crafted to look exactly like an AR-15, the manliest of assault rifles. This smoking pipe is made of lampworked borosilicate glass, and the high quality attention to detail and construction...

  • Portable Wireless Outdoor Speaker

    Portable Wireless Outdoor Speaker

    Adrenaline junkies and outdoorsmen, we present to you the latest in portable wireless outdoor speaker technology. Waterproof and shock resistant, this tough speaker connects via Bluetooth so you can listen to music while climbing a mountain or...

  • Darth Vader Samurai Toy

    Darth Vader Samurai Toy

    The dark side meets the land of the rising sun with the Darth Vader samurai toy. As if Vader’s mind controlling abilities weren’t deadly enough, now he’s equipped with two kickass samurai lightsabers making this adorably cool...

  • Upside Down Shower

    Upside Down Shower

    With the upside down shower you’ll be able to enjoy a refreshing drizzle anytime the sweltering heat becomes too unbearable. Surrounding jets blast water high above your head and create a delightful mist that will leave you feeling cool and...

  • Light Up iPhone Cable

    Light Up iPhone Cable

    Give the room a one of kind lighting effect every time your phone needs charging with the light up iPhone cable. The cable’s clever design lights up to simulate the flow of electricity and conveniently notifies you once your iPhone or iPad...

  • Punching Bag Laundry Bag

    Punching Bag Laundry Bag

    Get your laundry organized while also working on that devastating right hook of yours with the punching bag laundry bag. Capable of holding even a heavyweight’s dirty laundry, this clever bag is a surefire way to get in shape while you do...

  • Bottle Cap Gun

    Bottle Cap Gun

    Don’t throw out those bottle caps, because now you can recycle then into precious ammo! With a capacity for shooting bottle caps over 16 feet with the push of a button, you’ll be able to annoy anyone in the room without having to get...

  • 8-Bit Flower Bouquet

    8-Bit Flower Bouquet

    Score some major brownie points by surprising your geeky gamer girlfriend with the 8-bit flower bouquet. This adorable bouquet is always cheerful and will never wilt away. It’s the ideal way to show your sweetie just how swell you think she is.

  • Carbon Fiber Stormtrooper Helmet

    Carbon Fiber Stormtrooper Helmet

    Stormtroopers might be horribly inaccurate with a rifle, but now they can at least be light on their feet with these carbon fiber Stormtrooper helmets. Originally designed as a full carbon fiber Stormtrooper outfit, these limited edition helmets...

  • Double Barrel Pistol

    Double Barrel Pistol

    When one bullet isn’t enough, grab the double barrel pistol and make sure the bad guys get what’s coming to them. This deadly innovative semi-automatic double barrel pistol will fire two rounds simultaneously, making the pistol a true...

  • Doctor Who TARDIS Computer

    Doctor Who TARDIS Computer

    Get ready to time travel the web in style with the Doctor Who TARDIS computer. This PC comes encased in a beautifully crafted blue aluminum TARDIS with accurate and intricate detailing, and also includes a Blu-ray player for watching your...

  • Light Up Stud Earrings

    Light Up Stud Earrings

    Instantly brighten up any room you walk into with the light up stud earrings. These glowing gems employ miniature LED lights to make the stud shine brighter than any diamond or other high priced jewel, guaranteeing all eyes remain fixed on your...

  • 3D Printing Pen

    3D Printing Pen

    The Future™ delivers once again with the world’s first ever 3D printing pen! This innovative pen lets you draw objects like never before – in 3D! So you can draw complex objects like the Eiffel tower, or simple immature things like...

  • Endangered Species Erasers

    Endangered Species Erasers

    The endangered species eraser demonstrates that making mistakes can sometimes be a good thing, at least for the planet. The erasers are shaped like various endangered species as a means to raise awareness with a percentage of the purchase donated...

  • Death Star Lollipops

    Death Star Lollipops

    Save the galaxy while simultaneously rewarding your taste buds by licking these savory Death Star lollipops. These hand-made intergalactic lollipops feature a smooth surface and intricate detailing guaranteed to satisfy the sweet tooth of any...

  • LED Drink Coasters

    LED Drink Coasters

    The LED drink coasters will transform any nighttime backyard into the chic and trendy hangout you always envisioned. These high-tech coasters employ color changing LEDs, encased in weather-proof exteriors to keep furniture dry while providing...

  • Polaroid Instant Print Camera

    Polaroid Instant Print Camera

    The awesome Polaroid Instant Print Camera makes sharing your photos remarkably easy. This trendy camera allows users to share media either physically or digitally so you can simultaneously post your latest masterpiece on Instagram and the fridge...

  • R-Rated Talking Ted Plushie

    R-Rated Talking Ted Plushie

    The R-rated talking Ted plushie is the best toy a good, responsible parent could possibly give their children, or themselves. This lovable and huggable trash talking plushie features 12 prerecorded sayings that’ll leave you crippled with...

  • Ghostbusters Trap Replica

    Ghostbusters Trap Replica

    Start your very own ghoul capturing service with help from the Ghostbusters trap replica. This well-crafted prop comes with an actual working trap door and features a fun interactive mode containing movie-accurate sounds and lighting effects.

  • Grass Knuckles

    Grass Knuckles

    Go green while still keeping your violent and tough image intact with these grass knuckles. Designed to worn over your knuckles just like the traditional brass knuckles, this unique jewelry piece will help you bring you closer to mother earth...

  • Semi-Submarine Boat

    Semi-Submarine Boat

    Experience the ocean in a way only a privileged few have before with the semi submarine boat. With this versatile vessel you’ll be able to explore all aspects of the sea by either the ergonomically designed deck or viewing below sea level...

  • Magnetic Egg Paperclip Nest

    Magnetic Egg Paperclip Nest

    The magnetic egg paperclip nest brings a little bit of nature to the sterile office environment. The egg itself contains a strong magnet, which will attract your twig-like paperclips in a nest shape. This device keeps your clips sorted and...

  • Broken Bone Cast Sticker

    Broken Bone Cast Sticker

    Make your broken bone cast look anatomically correct with the broken bone cast sticker. Take the wrenching pain away with the sticker that looks just like your arm bone. Well, it might not take the pain away, but it’ll look pretty cool in the...

  • Wearable Sleeping Bags

    Wearable Sleeping Bags

    If you like wearing sweatpants all day, then you’ll love the wearable sleeping bag. With the ability to take a nap anywhere at anytime, the wearable sleeping bag is perfect for bums. It’s also great to wear while camping on chilly...

  • Tree Tent

    Tree Tent

    Immerse yourself in the great outdoors just like a cute squirrel with the tree tent. This suspended domicile hangs high above the ground so that you can still enjoy nature without having to contend with all the creepy crawlers looking to get into...

  • Lying Down Laptop Stand

    Lying Down Laptop Stand

    Make technology cater to your lazy lifestyle by using the lying down laptop stand. This unique stand features an adjustable frame that lets the user regulate the angle of the stand in order to provide an optimum viewing experience while remaining...

  • Multi-Tool iPhone Case

    Multi-Tool iPhone Case

    Life can be pretty unpredictable at times, luckily you’ll be prepared for any situation thanks to the multi-tool iPhone case. Whether it’s cutting through wires or carving a sphere for hunting down lunch, one of the iPhone...

  • Switchblade Key Holder

    Switchblade Key Holder

    Pop your key out like a total bad-ass with the switchblade key holder. This key holder does more than just hold your key and designate it apart from your other keys — it also pops out just like a totally sweet and totally illegal switchblade.

  • USB Computer Fan

    USB Computer Fan

    Fear not the next time the A/C goes out because the USB computer fan will keep you nice and cool while you use your pornbox computer. This pint-sized fan plugs into your USB port and provides a steady breeze you can point in any direction.

  • Spikey Vest

    Spikey Vest

    If you’ve ever wanted to cover yourself in concrete spikes, you finally can when you purchase the spikey vest. This spikey vest is covered in hand-crafted, pastel-toned concrete spikes, and it is guaranteed to make you look like a creature from...

  • Ultra Realistic Action Figures

    Ultra Realistic Action Figures

    All other toys will become obsolete after you experience playtime with the ultra realistic action figures. These highly detailed and life-like figures will finally allow you live out your fantasy of fighting alongside your favorite Hollywood...

  • Pixelated 8-Bit Rose

    Pixelated 8-Bit Rose

    Win the heart of that special geeky girl in your live with this pixelated 8-bit rose. It’s the perfect romantic gift idea for your Player 2, and unlike the real type, this pixelated 8-bit rose will never wither or die, just like the love...

  • Breaking Bad LEGOs

    Breaking Bad LEGOs

    Things are about go get a lot more colorful in Legopolis now that the Breaking Bad LEGOs have decided to move in. With their addictive brand of blue brick candy, they’ll add the touch of realism your plastic LEGO utopian society has been...

  • Ninja Disguise Shirt

    Ninja Disguise Shirt

    The ninja disguise costume is ideal for wearing at social gatherings where making a clean getaway from dull conversations is top priority. As soon as a square asks ‘about your ninja disguise’, flip the front to summon your inner ninja...

  • Personal Jetpack

    Personal Jetpack

    Quit wasting time in traffic jams – now you can fly yourself to any destination with the personal jetpack. Codenamed the Martin jetpack, this James Bond like personal transportation equipment is set to revolutionize the way individuals take...

  • Legend Of Zelda Wedding Rings

    Legend Of Zelda Wedding Rings

    It’s dangerous to go alone – take these Legend Of Zelda wedding rings! These amazing detailed and incredibly geeky wedding bands were custom made for Reddit user oneyeartrip by Transylvanian goldsmith Zsolt, and features the words...

  • Shit Gold Pills

    Shit Gold Pills

    You might not be made of money, but now you can drop golden stools with these digestible shit gold pills. Your poo-poo will shine with a captivating glittery and gold hue – afterwards you can even sell your gold chocolate extract to those...

  • Bleeding Zombie Clown Target

    Bleeding Zombie Clown Target

    Get over your silly childhood fear of clowns by pumping this zombie clown target full of lead and watch it bleed to death as you conquer your fear. This zombie clown shooting target is filled with pink liquid that bleeds out when it is shot, so...

  • Forever Alone Statue

    Forever Alone Statue

    Don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day by yourself – with the Forever Alone statue you can ironically never be by yourself. He’ll laugh at your corny jokes, listen to your deepest fears, give your constructive criticism, and be...

  • Multi-Tool Utility Ring

    Multi-Tool Utility Ring

    Who says jewelry can’t also be practical? The multi-tool utility ring is the ultimate fashion accessory for the do-it-yourself handyman who likes to always be prepared for any situation. It’s just like having a Swiss army knife on...

  • Lightning Bolt Power Strip

    Lightning Bolt Power Strip

    Feel just like the mighty Zeus as you hold the lightning bolt power strip in your hands. This creatively designed power strip protects against electrical surges and has space for up to six outlets. It also makes a great addition for any whimsical...

  • Volkswagen Bus Camping Tent

    Volkswagen Bus Camping Tent

    Camp out just like in the old days with the Volkswagen bus camping tent. The bus tent is designed to look exactly like the bus that has been parked in your backyard since 1980, and it will hold just as many people as your bus used to. The...

  • Ninja Turtles Hat

    Ninja Turtles Hat

    Turtle power! With these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hat no one will ever question why you skateboard through feces infested sewer tunnels or why enjoy showering yourself in green chemical waste. These convertible TMNT hats are also available in...

  • Super Mario Piranha Plant Pipe

    Super Mario Piranha Plant Pipe

    It may be impossible to get your hands on Mario’s magic shrooms but with the Super Mario piranha plant pipe in your hands you’ll be able to soar just as high. This quality pipe features a one-of-a-kind design and double blown Pyrex...

  • Miniature Golf Billiards

    Miniature Golf Billiards

    When the family’s torn over how to spend quality time, the miniature golf billiards are sure to meet all of your family’s requirements for fun. It combines the lightheartedness of mini golfing with the competitiveness of pool to bring...

  • Yoda Hoodie

    Yoda Hoodie

    Introducing the Yoda hoodie. Half Jedi robe, half Jedi master, and all around awesome. This one of a kind custom made hoodie provides a relaxed, comfortable fit and features an intricately designed hood that will have you looking like the great Yoda.

  • Snow Cycle

    Snow Cycle

    Ski down the slopes in total comfort and record time with the ultra fun snow cycle. This Austrian designed vehicle features a lightweight frame designed to enhance maneuverability yet is tough enough to withstand racing down the mountainside at...

  • USB Toast Thumbdrives

    USB Toast Thumbdrives

    Get rid of your dusty old USB hub and replace it with a sweet little USB toast thumbdrives. This toaster allows you to keep all of your adorable toast-shaped thumbdrives in one place, while keeping it all thematic. The hub also contains an SD...

  • Shark Submarine

    Shark Submarine

    Move over Jaws, because here comes the shark submarine. This high performance submersible is guaranteed to make you the biggest and baddest fish in the entire ocean and have you shredding through the water in a way you never thought possible.

  • Pee-wee Herman Cycling Suit

    Pee-wee Herman Cycling Suit

    Even if you don’t win the race, sporting the Pee-wee Herman cycling suit will still make you a shoe-in for the sharpest dressed award. This stylish and skintight professional grade suit will give you an edge at any race by distracting your...

  • Super Mario Bros Chess Board

    Super Mario Bros Chess Board

    Defeat Mario and Luigi the great Bowser himself with your cunning moves when playing on the Super Mario Bros chess board. This themed chess set features the entire gang from the iconic and classic game facing off in the ultimate battle between...

  • Color Changing Wireless Speaker

    Color Changing Wireless Speaker

    Experience a world of technicolor tunes with the color changing wireless speaker. This bluethooth enabled speaker is not only compatible with all major smart phones and MP3 players but also enthralls the senses with every hue on the color spectrum.

  • Beer For Dogs

    Beer For Dogs

    You do everything your with your dog – so why not drink with him too? With Bowser, the beer for the dogs, your best friend can join you on nights of drunken debauchery – acting as your wingman while picking up chicks, and having your...

  • Solid Gold LEGO Brick

    Solid Gold LEGO Brick

    14k Solid Gold LEGO Employee Brick 2x4 Brick in Display Box

  • Hand Crank Phone Charger

    Hand Crank Phone Charger

    When you’re in an emergency situation and don’t have an outlet to charge your iPhone, this hand crank phone charger can be a life saver. Just plug it in, give a few thousand cranks, and get to checking your news feed before you die of...

  • Light Up Shot Glasses

    Light Up Shot Glasses

    Light up the party night with these light up shot glasses, the shot glasses that make it easier to see what you’re drinking at a rave or night time party. Just remember that roofies are transparent and these shot glasses won’t help you spot...

  • Hanging Tent Platform

    Hanging Tent Platform

    Cowards need not apply to spend a night sleeping in the hanging tent platform. This suspended domicile makes a great resting spot for the weary and experienced mountain climber that has no qualms in spending the night hanging from a vertical...

  • Lamborghini Murcielago Kid’s Car

    Lamborghini Murcielago Kid’s Car

    Forget Power Wheels, now you can get your spoiled little brat an electric driveable car that fits his high standards with the Lamborghini Murcialago kid’s car. It may not go 217 MPH like a real Murcialago, but it’ll be sure to leave...

  • Personalized Superhero Figurines

    Personalized Superhero Figurines

    It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s you! With the personalized superhero figurines you’ll finally get a chance to save the day and become the hero you’ve always know you could be. These action figures will immortalize...

  • Star Wars Wedding Rings

    Star Wars Wedding Rings

    Declare your undying love to the entire galaxy using the Stars Wars wedding rings. When exchanging vows with your Princess, there’s no better way to show off your geeky love than by giving each other these tasteful and totally epic silver...

  • Hidden Flask Tie

    Hidden Flask Tie

    With the hidden flask tie firmly secured around your neck, no amount of overtime or pending deadlines will be able to crush your spirit, or kill your buzz. Apart from improving your creativity at work it’ll also make you the sharpest...

  • Nintendo Themed Furniture

    Nintendo Themed Furniture

    Any good interior decorator will tell you the secret to a killer pad lies in Nintendo themed furniture. This custom made set of nostalgic and functional furniture includes everything you’ll need to trick out mom and dad’s basement and...

  • Fingerprint Gun Safe

    Fingerprint Gun Safe

    Don’t just keep your gun a little bit safe — keep it completely locked down with the fingerprint gun safe. The fingerprint gun case only allows authorized fingerprints to access the safe, so you can store you guns without worry of unwanted use.

  • Gold Glitter Lips

    Gold Glitter Lips

    Give your lips the Midas touch with these gold glitter lips temporary tattoos. Perfect for giving your face a head turning look, these gold glitter lips temporary tattoos are easy to apply and will last up to eight hours, which is longer than...

  • Light Up Tactical Knife

    Light Up Tactical Knife

    Surviving the outdoors is about to get a whole lot easier with the light up tactical knife in your arsenal of camping goodies. Whether it’s midday or the dead of night, this versatile knife will ensure you conquer the wild and make it out...

  • Nyan Cat Hoodie

    Nyan Cat Hoodie

    Now you can style yourself after your favorite rainbow farting intergalactic feline by sporting the Nyan Cat hoodie. This fashionable and comfortable sweater will keep you warm and give you that awesome 8-bit look without the unsightly pop-tart...

  • Half-Life Gravity Gun

    Half-Life Gravity Gun

    Now with the Half-Life Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator – a.k.a. the Gravity gun – you can easily move around heavy objects without fear of straining your back. The applications of use are virtually limitless with this replica...